Tuesday, February 14, 2012

day 14 ~ heart

but, what else on a Valentine's day, you'd think.
except, i am not fond of hearts at all.
flowers, leaves, circles, squares... yeah!
maybe stars, they are the daughter's favorite.
i was gifted a pretty heart locket by darling husband,
that added to the seven-year-itch then!
anyways, since i am not feeling mushy and lovey-dovey today,
here it is,
the heart-less version...

day 14 ~ heart


kala said...

Lucky gall and enjoy ur gift and Happy Valentine's day :)

shilpa said...

hope you had a love valentine's day, too, Kala :)

Shalini said...

no, no, not a heart-less version at all. I thought it was quite inventive.

btw, I just bought some heart shaped pottery from the mela....will tell you the whole story in a flickr photo :-)

shilpa said...

will be looking forward to it :)