Tuesday, February 7, 2012

day 7 ~ button

this, very blingy, kurta button was bought from Kochi in Kerala more than eight years ago. we were shopping for my wedding trousseau. but, this button remained unused as most of my salwar sets had heavy dupattas and there really was no scope for incorporating them without looking tacky.

it has moved with me through the three rented apartments in two cities and still stays unused. till today, when i really, really did not know what to post as a button!

day 7 ~ button


Srivilasica said...

Hmmm! I know the feeling - I gave away lots of things I had kept for their 'sentimental value' recently. Got this uncluttering bug. Yet, miles to go...
Wonderful picture as usual!

shilpa said...

and, i've kept it all this time thinking i'll use it one day. i just know that the day i throw them out will be the day the perfect kurta for these buttons will come into my life :)