Monday, February 27, 2012

day 29 ~ something you're listening to

i don't have an iPod
neither do i know 
how to listen to songs 
on my phone!
i switch on the TV
and listen to the lovely songs
 played on the music channels.
this Sony Mix
is my current favorite.
i just love the way the songs flow 
form one to the other :)

day 29 ~ something you're listening to

and, the end of this challenge. yay!
i loved everyday.
i looked forward to everyday.
thank you for your encouragement
and the sweet words
you took the time to type for me.
yippee :)

am ending the challenge two days earlier as i have to leave for home :)


eeprikka said...

Found your blog through fatmumslim. Really enjoyed looking through the challenge pics!

Shalini said...

I have an iPod, but there's no surprise in it....that's what I love about listening to someone else's music...on the radio or on the tv.

Really enjoyed your daily challenge...almost decided to take it on next month!

Suchi said...

Caught up on all your photos...will miss your daily challenge...have a good time in Kerela and get some photos and stories from there :-)

kala said...

I love sony max tooo

Jidhu Jose said...

Camera Critters

shilpa said...

thank you so much every one. I am not yet back in Mumbai and I am (literally) logging in when the Net lets me. for some reason, I cannot access links etc from my reading list. I will be dropping in, reading your posts at leisure and definitely letting you know, I was there.

Shalini said...

I came back to say, that while I was in India, I too was watching Sony Mix! It was my go-to channel when I had to distract E to give her food! Now that I'm back I miss it, and have taken to playing songs piecemeal on You Tube.

E still loves Kaun Kenda, which to me totally reminds me of S :-))

shilpa said...

it is channel you can get addicted to :)