Friday, February 3, 2012

day 3 ~ hands

i used to be besotted with hands. my children's little hands, my grandmother's wrinkly soft hands embroidering, my house help's hands washing the dishes and to the gentle sounds her glass bangles made. i believe that the the busier the hand the more beautiful it is.

with me in charge of most chores around the house these days, i am beginning to notice a change in my hands' texture. really, no amount of moisturizing helps. in stead, i end up not bothering to moisturize. and, with the little time i get, i really don't know whether to massage my hands or to sip on my cup of tea! no prizes for guessing what i chose to do... and, believe in inner beauty.



day 3 ~ hands

two hands working 
can do more
 than a thousand clasped in prayer. 
- Author unknown


Kala said...

Pretty hands with lovely colour polish

shilpa said...

thank you, Kala.

i am glad the sophisticated nail art gal likes it :)

Shalini said...

Oh dear, tell me about it. Mine are looking like a stone-mason's :-( Been thinking of getting myself some high funda type of hand cream---anti-aging, anti-wrinkle and all that stuff!

Love the first and third photos.

shilpa said...

these days, with no maid, i have set an alarm thrice a day to wash the dishes and clean the counter. and, i have made a rule to a put a dollop of cream on my hands as i go out the door. smells fresher, too :)