Wednesday, February 15, 2012

day 15 ~ phone

i have a smart phone.
kind of obsolete now,
but it was the latest thing 
when the husband bought for me and for him.
though, all this time with the phone
has made me realize 
that i am not smart enough for it.
but, my kids, 
all of seven and four,
know things on it that i never realized
would ever be possible on a handset.
luckily, the internet days are still faraway.
at least, that is what i think
and take consolation in!

day 15 ~ phone

the husband has moved onto the latest models twice. maybe thrice.


Shalini said...

Take heart, my little one has shown me lots of tricks on the phone and the iPod already! Makes me feel totally redundant :-(

Yeah, what is it with guys wanting to have the latest phone?

shilpa said...

i know. i ask for something vitally important for girls and he will hum and haw. but, just wonder about anything electronic, and its in my hands the next day :)