Sunday, February 5, 2012

day 5 ~ 10 a.m.

most days at ten in the morning, i am grasping at every ounce of will power to walk on the treadmill. these days it is about vacuuming and dusting before that. but, sometimes the doorbell rings and the boy taking the clothes to iron is at the door. three more minutes to procrastinate! 

Saturdays 10.00 a.m. is when we eat breakfast. the day i get to sleep in for another half hour at least. if i keep lagging in bed, little voices sound very grown-up telling me look, it is morning and to make them their milk. go momma go, they'll push me up. heartless children, i tell you :)

but, this challenge is about taking pictures with the day's perspective. at around ten this morning, we were walking back from church. reached home, made tea, then, remembered about the photograph. so, i clicked what i was doing at the time it struck me to take  a picture - just about starting breakfast.

day 5 ~ 10 a.m.
the biscuits will keep me fortified till i get my breakfast in my hands


SM said...

nice idea
beautiful capture

shilpa said...

thank you SM :)

Shalini said...

This challenge has been a wonderful chronicle of your days.

shilpa said...

and, gave some structure to my posts, too, i think. i was getting a bit repetitive with outbursts and ramblings :D