Monday, February 20, 2012

day 20 ~ handwriting

Sr Flavian has rapped me 
on the knuckles once,
and countless 'f's in the margin later
i have a pretty decent handwriting.
after all, we had copy writing 
till fifth standard in school.
in my children's school,
writing copy to steady the hand
is not given much importance.
it is left to the parents!
maybe it is the changing times.
despite all the practice i did
all i write,
as in put-pen-to-paper write,
is leave letters for the kids.

day 20 ~ handwriting


kala said...

I just loved this snap how do u get that dusky look tell me the tips what mode u use n how u edit it at will be waiting for ur tips

shilpa said...

thank you Kala.

this is unedited. all i did was draw the curtain halfway to control the strong light through the windows. i use a Nikon D80 with the 50mm prime lens. here, the aperture setting was 4.5 or 5, i think.

i picked up the camera sometime in 2008. it is now that the pictures look good, and i can change a few setting on the camera to get the picture i want. are all the pictures i have taken :)

Suchi said...

Hi Shilpa, am new to your space. Love your photos and the accompanied musings :-)

shilpa said...

thank you so much Suchi :)
and, you're always welcome!