Saturday, February 4, 2012

day 4 ~ stranger

stranger (n) 1. a person whom one does not know
                  2. a person who does not know, or is not known, in a particular place

by this definition, i live among strangers and am a stranger in this small, not well-known neighborhood in a faraway suburb of one of the busiest cities of India. it has been a little over three years here. the sights and some of the people here are now familiar enough to share smiles. others have grown into acquaintances, bits of conversation snatched in the elevator, bus stop, the kirana store... a breather in the hullabaloo of the mundane of our hectic lives. a small set of people are now friends, dependable, always a shoulder to lean on, a sympathetic ear and open mind to rant to.

day 4 ~ stranger

smiles on unknown persons in the vegetable market


Srivilasica said...

Beware!If you start posting such wonderful photos, I will steal them and use them with my poems! Muah! Keep up the good work - you are excellent at it.

shilpa said...

ooooh, it will be an honour, you know that.

thank you, thank you, sindhu :)

Shalini said...

So true, we all live among strangers, some of our own making, some of circumstance. Beautifully written.

shilpa said...

thank you Shalini :)