Wednesday, February 8, 2012

day 8 ~ sun

sunrise, vibrant and dramatic, from the kitchen window

turn your face
splashing warmth onto the walls and corners

the sun shines on
bringing to light the efforts of my seven-year-old

sun and shine
enveloping me in warmth and colour...
oh! how i love you, dear big yellow ball of joy.


kala said...

kitchen window shot is speechless and loved the cozy shots :)

shilpa said...

thank you Kala :)

Jay said...

wow...awesome the vibrant morning glow..;)

Tasty Appetite

shilpa said...

thank you Jay. makes it worthwhile getting up early and the morning mayhem goes unnoticed!

Shalini said...

Fantastic sunrise shot from your kitchen window....esp love how the wires criss cross halfway.

And the warm sun, what do I say about's just so welcoming!

shilpa said...

what can i say, i prayed that it might be a sunrise full of color and character the night before *winks*